About Us

Rooster Delights is a fast-casual restaurant dedicated to providing very simple,health-consciously prepared menu items upon customers order at blazing speed.

We provide the highest quality, best tasting, made-from-scratch freshly Crispy chicken and Burgers, as well as Nuggets and fresh-made salads Burgers & Egg Burgers .

Hence, the Rooster Delights was born in the early 2009.

After numerous experiments and various recipes from the old country, the perfect ingredients were assembled.

Our products are pure and unique culinary inventions, the real change the world looks for. Our fried chicken is the natural kitchen developed real healthy and the best delicacy in its segment.

Our top quality chicken is delivered fresh, never frozen, marinated in-house,and then sent directly to the open flame grill. Not micro waved, Not Prepackaged, Always Fresh.

Made from the healthiest all natural ingredients, our food is served fresh, fast and value priced.